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Studies On Chinese Americans and Chinatowns 

A History of the Chinese in California; a syllabus. 1969

Abbott, Kenneth A. Harmony and individualism; changing Chinese psychosocial functioning in Taipei and San Francisco 1970

American Chinatown [videorecording] 1980

Ancestors in the Americas [videorecording] 1996

Anderson, Kay, 1958- Vancouver's Chinatown : racial discourse in Canada, 1875-1980 1991

Archaeological perspectives on ethnicity in America : Afro-American and Asian American culture history 1980

Belden, Elionne L. W., 1951- Claiming Chinese identity 1997

Boggs, Grace Lee. Living for change : an autobiography 1998

Bonner, Arthur. Alas! what brought thee hither? : the Chinese in New York, 1800-1950 1997

Bristow, Steve. Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur 1994

Cather, Helen Virginia. The history of San Francisco's Chinatown 1974

Ch`en, Chia-hung, 1972- Hai wai T`ai tu yn tung shih 1998

Chang, Lan Samantha. Hunger : a novella and stories 1998

Chang, Pang-Mei Natasha, 1965- Bound feet & Western dress 1996

Chao, Patricia, 1955- Monkey king 1997

Char, Tin-Yuke. The bamboo path : life and writings of a Chinese in Hawaii 1977

Chen, Hsiang-shui, 1946- Chinatown no more : Taiwan immigrants in contemporary New York 1992

Chen, Jack, 1908- Mei-kuo Hua jen fa chan shih 1984

Chen, Jack, 1908- The Chinese of America 1980

Chen, Julia I. Hsuan. The Chinese community in New York : a study in their cultural adjustment, 1920-1940 : dissertation, American University, Washington, 1941 1974

Chen, Peter W. Chinese-Americans view their mental health 1977

Chng, David T-ch'ao, 1905- Acculturation of the Chinese in the United States : a Philadelphia study 1948

Cheng, Eva. The elder Chinese 1978

Cher, Ming. Spider boys 1995

Chin, Frank, 1940- Bulletproof Buddhists and other essays 1998

Chin, Frank, 1940- Gunga Din highway : a novel 1994

Chin, Frank, 1940- The chickencoop Chinaman ; and, The year of the dragon : two plays 1981

Chin, Frank, 1940- The Chinaman Pacific & Frisco R.R. Co. : short stories 1988

Chin, Ko-lin. Chinatown gangs : extortion, enterprise, and ethnicity 1996

Chin, Ko-lin. Hua jen pang p`ai 1995

Chinatown : street revitalization : city options grant, National Endowment for the Arts : a New York City Bicentennial project. 1976

Chinese American forum. Silver Spring, Md.

Chinese American poetry : an anthology 1991

Chinese in America : stereotyped past, changing present 1983

Chinese-American Union of Philadelphia. ... Annual report. Philadelphia, Pa. :

Ching, Frank. Ancestors, 900 years in the life of a Chinese family = [Ch`in shih ch`ien tsai shih] 1988

Chou, Li. Man-ha-tun ti Chung-kuo n jen = Manhattan's China lady 1992

Chow, Willard T. The reemergence of an inner city : the pivot of Chinese settlement in the East Bay Region of the San Francisco Bay area 1977

Chu, Daniel. Passage to the Golden Gate; a history of the Chinese in America to 1910 1967

Chu, Louis, 1915- Eat a bowl of tea 1995

Chun, Gloria H., 1961- Of orphans and warriors : inventing Chinese American culture and identity 2000

Claiming America : constructing Chinese American identities during the exclusion era 1998

Cohen, Lucy M. Chinese in the Post-Civil War South : a people without a history 1984

Coming man : 19th century American perceptions of the Chinese 1995

Critical essays on Maxine Hong Kingston 1998

Daniels, Roger. Asian America : Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850 1988

Dicker, Laverne Mau. The Chinese in San Francisco : a pictorial history 1979

Dim sum [videorecording] : a little bit of heart 1985

Eaton, Michael. Chinatown 1997

Edson, Christopher Howard. The Chinese in eastern Oregon, 1860-1890 1974

Entry denied : exclusion and the Chinese community in America, 1882-1943 1991

Farwell, Willard B. The Chinese at home and abroad, together with the Report of the Special Committee of the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco on the condition of the Chinese quarter of that city. 1970

Flynn, James Robert, 1934- Asian Americans : achievement beyond IQ 1991

Fong, Timothy P. The first suburban Chinatown : the remaking of Monterey Park, California 1994

Fong-Torres, Ben. The rice room : growing up Chinese-American : from number two son to rock 'n' roll 1994

From spikes to spindles [videorecording] 1976

Gao, Yan. The art of parody : Maxine Hong Kingston's use of Chinese sources 1996

Genthe, Arnold, 1869-1942. Genthe's Photographs of San Francisco's old Chinatown 1984

Gibson, Otis. The Chinese in America 1978

Gillenkirk, Jeff. Bitter melon : stories from the last rural Chinese town in America 1987

Glick, Carl, 1890- Shake hands with the dragon. 1971

Glick, Clarence Elmer, 1906- Sojourners and settlers, Chinese migrants in Hawaii 1980

Goldberg, George, 1935- East meets West; the story of the Chinese and Japanese in California. 1970

Greenwood, Roberta S. Down by the station : Los Angeles Chinatown, 1880-1937 1997

Guthrie, Grace Pung. A school divided : an ethnography of bilingual education in a Chinese community 1985

Gyory, Andrew. Closing the gate : race, politics, and the Chinese Exclusion Act 1998

Hall, Bruce Edward. Tea that burns : a family memoir of Chinatown 1998

Hansen, Gladys C., 1925- The Chinese in California; a brief bibliographic history, 1970

Healy, Patrick Joseph, b. 1838? A statement for non-exclusion [microform] 1905

Hidden heritage : historical archaeology of the overseas Chinese 1993

Horton, John, 1932- The politics of diversity : immigration, resistance, and change in Monterey Park, California 1995

Hsu, Francis L. K., 1909- The challenge of the American dream: the Chinese in the United States 1971

Hseh, Su-chen. Mei-kuo Niu-yeh Hua jen chia t`ing 1993

Hua jen tsai 1990 nien ti jen k'ou p'u ch'a chung ni men tu suan shu. 1990

Huntley, E. D. Amy Tan : a critical companion 1998

It's raining corpses in Chinatown 1991

Jen, Gish. Mona in the promised land 1996

Jin, Ha, 1956- Facing shadows 1996

Johnson-Feelings, Dianne. Presenting Laurence Yep 1995

Jung, Marshall. Chinese American family therapy : a new model for clinicians 1998

Kingston, Maxine Hong. China men 1980

Kingston, Maxine Hong. Conversations with Maxine Hong Kingston 1998

Kingston, Maxine Hong. Hawai`i one summer 1998

Kingston, Maxine Hong. Tripmaster monkey : his fake book 1990

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Kwong, Peter. The new Chinatown 1996

Lai, Chuen-yan David, 1937- Chinatowns : towns within cities in Canada 1988

Lan, Dean. Prestige with limitations : realities of the Chinese-American elite 1976

Lee, Calvin B. T. Chinatown, U.S.A. 1965

Lee, Gus. China boy : a novel 1991

Lee, Gus. Tiger's tail : a novel 1996

Lee, Jae-Hyup, 1966- Dynamics of ethnic identity : three Asian American communities in Philadelphia 1998

Lee, Robert. Guide to Chinese American philanthropy and charitable giving patterns 1990

Lee, Rose Hum. The Chinese in the United States of America. 1960

Lee, Rose Hum. The growth and decline of Chinese communites in the Rocky Mountain region 1978

Lei-lanilau, Carolyn. Ono Ono girl's hula 1997

Lin, Alice Murong Pu, 1942- Grandmother had no name 1988

Lin, Jan. Reconstructing Chinatown : ethnic enclave, global change 1998

Ling, Amy. Between worlds : women writers of Chinese ancestry 1990

Lister, Florence Cline. The Chinese of early Tucson : historic archaeology from the Tucson Urban Renewal Project 1989

Liu, Catherine. Oriental girls desire romance 1997

Liu, Eric. The accidental Asian : notes of an American banana 1998

Liu, Stephen Shu-Ning, 1930- My father's martial art : poems 1999

Living music for golden mountains [videorecording] 1981

Loewen, James W. The Mississippi Chinese : between Black and white 1988

Loo, Chalsa M. Chinatown : most time, hard time 1991

Loo, Chalsa M. Chinese America : mental health and quality of life in the inner city 1998

Louie, Andrea. Moon cakes : a novel 1995

Louie, Emma Woo, 1926- Chinese American names : tradition and transition 1998

Lum, Casey Man Kong. In search of a voice : karaoke and the construction of identity in Chinese America 1996

Lydon, Sandy. Chinese gold : the Chinese in the Monterey Bay Region 1985

Ma, Grace Xueqin, 1962- The culture of health : Asian communities in the United States 1999

Mangiafico, Luciano. Contemporary American immigrants : patterns of Filipino, Korean, and Chinese settlement in the United States 1988

Mar, M. Elaine, 1966- Paper daughter : a memoir 1999

Mark, Diane Mei Lin. A place called Chinese America 1993

McClain, Charles J. In search of equality : the Chinese struggle against discrimination in nineteenth-century America 1994

McCunn, Ruthanne Lum. Chinese American portraits : personal histories 1828-1988 1988

McCunn, Ruthanne Lum. Thousand pieces of gold : a biographical novel 1988

McCunn, Ruthanne Lum. Wooden fish songs 1995

Meng, Chih. Chinese American understanding : a sixty-year search 1981

Midwest area Chinese American resources guide. 1995

Minke, Pauline. Chinese in the mother lode, 1850-1870 1974

Moy, James S., 1948- Marginal sights : staging the Chinese in America 1993

Nee, Victor, 1945- Longtime Californ'; a documentary study of an American Chinatown, 1974

New York (N.Y.). Dept. of City Planning. Manhattan Community District 3 : Lower East Side, Chinatown, East Village, Two Bridges 1984

Ng, Fae Myenne, 1956- Bone 1993,1994

Ng, Mei, 1966- Eating Chinese food naked : a novel 1998

Nunez, Sigrid. A feather on the breath of God : a novel 1995

Pak, Gary, 1952- A ricepaper airplane 1998

Palinkas, Lawrence A. Rhetoric and religious experience : the discourse of immigrant Chinese churches 1989

Pan, Erica Y. Z. 1960- The impact of the 1906 earthquake on San Francisco's Chinatown 1995

Quan, Robert Seto. Lotus among the magnolias : the Mississippi Chinese 1982

Quon, Ethel. A hundred feelings = Pai kan 1991

Racism, dissent, and Asian Americans from 1850 to the present : a documentary history 1993

Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans 1994

Riddle, Ronald. Flying dragons, flowing streams : music in the life of San Francisco's Chinese 1983

Sailing for the sun : the Chinese in Hawaii, 1789-1989 1988

Salter, Christopher L. San Francisco's Chinatown : how Chinese a town? 1978

Sewing woman [videorecording] 1982

Shao nien Chung-kuo ch`en pao liu shih chou nien chi nien chuan k`an pien yin wei yan hui. Shao nien Chung-kuo ch`en pao liu shih chou nien chi nien chuan k`an = The Young China morning paper 60th anniverary (1910-1970) 1971

Simmons, Diane, 1948- Maxine Hong Kingston 1999

Siu, Paul C. P. 1906- The Chinese laundryman : a study of social isolation 1987

Songs of Gold Mountain : Cantonese rhymes from San Francisco Chinatown 1987

Steiner, Stan. Fusang, the Chinese who built America 1979

Storti, Craig. Incident at Bitter Creek : the story of the Rock Springs Chinese massacre 1991

Street, Douglas. David Henry Hwang 1989

Sung, Betty Lee. A survey of Chinese-American manpower and employment 1976

Sung, Betty Lee. Chinese American intermarriage 1990

Sung, Betty Lee. Mountain of gold; the story of the Chinese in America. 1967

Sung, Betty Lee. Statistical profile of the Chinese in the United States : 1970 census 1975

Sze, Arthur. Archipelago 1995

Tan, Amy. The Joy Luck Club 1991

Tan, Wendy Wan-Yin, Chinatowns of New York City : Arcadia Publishing, 2008

Tchen, John Kuo Wei. New York before Chinatown : orientalism, identity formation, and political culture in the American metropolis, 1784-1882 1994

Tchen, John Kuo Wei. New York before Chinatown : orientalism, identity formation, and political culture in the American metropolis, 1784-1882 1994

Teng, Wen-hua. Mei-kuo ch`uan ch`i jen wu Ya i ling hsiu Ch`en Pen-ch`ang po shih 1983

The Asian in North America 1977

The Big aiiieeeee! : an anthology of Chinese American and Japanese American literature 1991

The Chinese American Experience : papers from the second National Conference on Chinese American Studies 1984

The Chinese other, 1850-1925 : an anthology of plays 1997

The Economic condition of Chinese Americans 1980

The Joy Luck Club [videorecording] 1994

Thousand pieces of gold [videorecording] 1992

Tiao-y-t`ai k`uai hsn. Chicago :

Ting: the caldron; Chinese art and identity in San Francisco. 1970

Tsai, Shih-shan Henry. The Chinese experience in America 1986

Tuan, Yi-fu, 1930- Cosmos and hearth : a cosmopolite's viewpoint 1996

Tuan, Yi-fu, 1930- Who am I? : an autobiography of emotion, mind, and spirit 1999

Tyau, Kathleen. A little too much is enough 1995

Tyau, Kathleen. Makai 1999

Tzu yu jen. New York, N.Y. :

Wang, Ming-hsia. L Mei Hua jen pei huan ch` 1981

Wei, Katherine. Second daughter : growing up in China, 1930-1949 1984

Wen hua shu hsing y hua i mei kuo wen hseh yen t`ao hui (1993 : Taipei) Wen hua shu hsing y hua i mei kuo wen hseh 1994

Who killed Vincent Chin? [videorecording] 1988

Who's who in chinatowns of greater New York : more than 500 persons with Chinese names, brief introductions and phone numbers 1989

Who's who of Sino-American = [Mei Hua ming jen lu]. 1984

Wong, Bernard P. A Chinese American community : ethnicity and survival strategies 1979

Wong, Bernard P. Chinatown, economic adaptation and ethnic identity of the Chinese 1982

Wong, Bernard P. Ethnicity and entrepreneurship : the new Chinese immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area 1998

Wong, Bernard P. Patronage, brokerage, entrepreneurship, and the Chinese community of New York 1988

Wong, James I. Aspirations and frustrations of the Chinese youth in the San Francisco Bay area : aspersions upon the societal scheme 1977

Wong, Nellie. Stolen moments 1997

Woon, Koon, 1949- The truth in rented rooms 1998

Wu, Cheng-Tsu, "Chink!" A documentary history of anti-Chinese prejudice in America. 1972

Wu, William F., 1951- The yellow peril : Chinese Americans in American fiction, 1850-1940 1982

Yang, Fenggang. Chinese Christians in America : conversion, assimilation, and adhesive identities 1999

Yap, Stacey G. H. Gather your strength, sisters : the emerging role of Chinese women community workers 1989

Yu, Renqiu, 1955- To save China, to save ourselves : the Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance of New York 1992

Zhou, Min, 1956- Chinatown : the socioeconomic potential of an urban enclave 1992



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