Highlights of Chinese Culture and History

Compiled By Zhu Yifei, Ye Panyun, Chi Zhengjie and Translated by Sun Li

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arrow.gif (82 bytes) 1. The Scions of Huang Di and Yan Di arrow.gif (82 bytes) 2. Great Yu Tamed the Rivers
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 3. Ancient Inscriptions on Bones and Tortoise Shells arrow.gif (82 bytes) 4. Bronze Tripods and Quadripods
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 5. Confucius as a Great Educator arrow.gif (82 bytes) 6. Laozi and Zhuangzi
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 7. Sunzi's Art of Warfare arrow.gif (82 bytes) 8. The Contention of A Hundred Schools of Thought
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 9. The Book of Songs in the Spring and Autumn Period arrow.gif (82 bytes) 10. Glutinous Rice Dumplings and the Dragon Boat Festival
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 11. Mount Tai of East China arrow.gif (82 bytes) 12. The Great Wall
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 13. The Mausoleum of Qin's First Emperor arrow.gif (82 bytes) 14. Raising the Standard of Revolt
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 15. Zhaojun's Settlement Outside of the Great Wall arrow.gif (82 bytes) 16. The Silk Road
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 17. Sima Qian and His Historical Memoirs arrow.gif (82 bytes) 18. Toads Frolicking with Dragons
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 19. Hua Tuo, the Distinguished Doctor arrow.gif (82 bytes) 20. Shuo Wen Jie Zi
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 21. The Lance-Bearing Poet arrow.gif (82 bytes) 22. Kongming, the "Crouching Deagon"
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 23. Inscribing on Fans at Bridgehead arrow.gif (82 bytes) 24. Two Distinguished Artists
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 25. Zu's Ratio - the World's First arrow.gif (82 bytes) 26. Taoist Priests and Their Elixir
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 27. The Grand Canal arrow.gif (82 bytes) 28. The Arch Bridge at Zhaozhou
arrow.gif (82 bytes) 29. The One Emperor in a Millenium arrow.gif (82 bytes) 30. Changan, Ancient Capital
31. Searching for Flowers at Qujiang 32. Female Emperor Wu Zhao
33. Xuan Zhuang's Pilgrimage 34. Monk Jian Zhen's Voyages East to Japan
35. Ascednding Heights on the Doule Ninth Festival 36. A Fairy Poet and a Sage Poet
37. Martial Arts - Shaolin Style 38. The Dun Huang Grottoes
39. Lu Yu, the God of Tea 40. The Classical Prose Movement
41. The Four Great Inventions 42. The Land of Porcelain
43. The Mid-Autumn Festival 44. The Earlist Paper Currency
45. Li Qizhao, A Famous Poetess 46. Quilt Covers from Wunijing
47. Chinese Surnames 48. Happy Wedding
49. A Visitor from Europe 50. Dou'e Crying for Redress of Wrong
51. The Voyages of Zheng He 52. Stringed and Wind Musical Instruments
53. The Travel Notes of Xu Xiake 54. A Compendium of Faming
55. The 13 Tombs of the Ming Mausoleum 56. The Four Great Novels
57. The Imperial Palace in Bejing 58. The Last Emperor of China
59. The Spring Festival 60. The Yellow River

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