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The U.S.-China Educational Exchange is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization. It was created for the sole purpose of facilitating educational and cultural exchange between the United States and China.

The U.S.-China Educational Exchange conducts the following programs:

1. Teach-in-China/Taiwan /Korea Program

This is our largest program. We assist those in the United States and elsewhere interested in teaching English and other subjects in China/Taiwan/Korea to locate positions there. We can place people at year-long positions, semester-long positions, and summer positions. The basic qualifications are: native speaker of English, minimum BA degree and commitment to teaching. Teaching experience is preferred, but not required. Once our candidates are accepted, we provide necessary orientation (aspects of teaching in China, reading list, travel arrangement, visa application, connection with people who have taught or are still teaching in China, logistic preparation and so on). For detailed information, please click Teach In China and Taiwan

2. Executive Training Program

There is a keenly felt need for business and government executives in China to receive training to bring their expertise to international standards. We source and arrange experienced executives and specialists in the business community in the United States and other countries to go to China to provide training to their counterparts in China through seminars, lectures, forums and various forms of classes.

3. Inter-collegiate Visit Program

We organize and arrange university officials in the United States and China to visit each other’s schools and engage in collaborative projects and activities.

4. Visiting Scholar Program
We arrange for scholars, primarily university professors in China, to conduct research and teach at universities in the United States, both short-term and long-term.

5. China Tours
We organize tours to China throughout the year. The director of our organization personally leads a tour to China every summer. We are organizing four Millennium Tours of China in 1999-2,000. Please visit Millennium Tours to China.

6. Teacher Exchange Program

For those teachers in the United States and elsewhere who are interested in teaching in China, but wish to receive their salary at home, we source and arrange for teachers in China to fill their positions in the United States while receiving funding from their home institutions. This usually requires the U.S. teachers to receive advance permission from their schools or school districts.

7. Summer Program

We organize children and college students in the United States to spend their summer learning Chinese culture, Chinese language and sightseeing in various cities in China. Some of the programs award credits that can be used towards undergraduate breadth requirements at colleges in the U.S. or accepted by educational institutions such as boards of education to meet teacher license/certificate/salary differential requirements.

8. Study Chinese in China

We organize classes in conjunctions with universities in China for students of Chinese in the United States and elsewhere, both short-term and long-term. We handle applications for a number of universities in China and we are running our own course in China in the summer.

9. Pre-Teaching EFL Certificate Training Course for Foreign Teachers of English

These training courses are conducted twice a year in China. They are held a week or so before the start of the spring semester around March 1 and the start of the fall semester on September 1. The course lasts for about a week, usually, but not always, in Beijing and Shanghai. Presenters include directors of foreign affairs offices at universities in China, Chinese professors of English and foreign teachers of English who have taught or are teaching in China. Topics discussed include living in China, teaching in China, how to teach specific courses (literature, linguistics, reading, conversation, science English, introduction to American/British culture and society, etc.). We'll also conduct a crash course on Chinese taught by experienced professors from the departments of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at universities in China. Besides receiving a necessary training, teachers can use the opportunity to network with other teachers so that they can visit each other in different parts of China and share their experiences. Participants will receive an EFL certificate upon the completion of the course. This course is open to anyone irrespective of what country he/she will be teaching.

The U.S.-China Educational Exchange is directed by Dr. Yong Ho. Dr. Ho received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in anthropology/linguistics. He taught English at a university for a number of years in China. Currently he serves as the Director of Curriculum and Language at China Institute in New York City. He also teaches Chinese Society and Chinese Language at New School University in New York City. His recent publications include Aspects of Discourse Structure in Mandarin Chinese by Edwin Mellen and Beginner’s Chinese by Hippocrene. His forthcoming books in 2000 are China: Its Illustrated History and Teaching and Learning Guide to Most Frequently Used Chinese Words. You may find additional biographical information of him at Dr. Yong Ho.


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