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Chinatown Online Co. has established an outstanding record for providing security solutions to meet the needs of the client organization in the global enterprise marketplace.  Chinatown Online Co. considers the performance of security posture (or vulnerability) assessments a core competency and supports many global organizations across a variety of market verticals.   

Chinatown Online Co. has built its reputation as a best of breed security provider by offering leading expertise, unmatched experience and unique, proven methodologies delivering a measurable track record of success.  Chinatown Online Co. provides the most thorough and accurate project deliverable in the marketplace, providing the client with a true view into their network and IT asset security posture.  

Our commitment to validating each vulnerability, eliminating false positives, and mapping risk appropriately is unique in the industry.  This permits the client to concentrate on prioritizing their remediation path and quickly fixing the business critical deficiencies. It also helps the client to more efficiently demonstrate compliancy to auditors and regulators.

The client will also benefit from Chinatown Online Co.'s focused expertise in security posture assessments. Our security and network engineers are highly skilled and spend 100% of their time either performing network vulnerability testing or sharpening their skill sets. Chinatown Online Co.'s engineers focus on their core-competency and will not do a firewall installation one day, a high level policy review the next, an OS build on day three etc. Our devotion to specific disciplines ensures the highest quality deliverable to the client for their network and IT asset security assessment. 

The Chinatown Online Co. service includes verification testing of external facing systems for the high and medium vulnerabilities discovered during the project. This permits the client to confirm fixes and close open issues. 



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