Earned Income Credit

This is for working poor. Under the program, low- and moderate-income taxpayers are eligible to receive up to $3,800 a year in a refund or credit from the federal government when they file their annual tax forms.

Advanced Earned Income Credit

It allows individuals who believe they will be eligible for an Earned Income Credit refund next year, and who have at least one dependent, to claim a portion of their refund in advance in their weekly paychecks. If you earn less than $30,000 a year, and you have at least one dependent, you're eligible for an immediate pay hike of up to $115 a month. If you have one dependent, for example, you can make up to $26,928 and still get the weekly refund. If you have two or more dependents, you can make up to $30,580 and still qualify. The higher your income, of course, the smaller your refund. A single or married person with one child who earns $1,200 a month, for example, would get an extra $104 a month in his or her paycheck, while someone who earns $1,800 monthly would get an extra $46 a month.

All you have to do is fill out a simple four-question IRS form, called a W-5, and file it with your employer. The employer simply adds the money to your weekly check, then deducts it from the overall payroll tax remittances to the government.

If you think you qualify, call the IRS at (800) TAX-1040 for a copy or write to Robert's agency ? CHI, 100 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, N.Y. 10601  and get the form plus easy-to-understand instructions on how to fill it out.


這是為低收入人的. 他們每年報稅時, 可以從政府那里得到最多$3,800的補助.


如果您可以享受低收入政府補助, 您可以在每年報稅前提前領取政府補助. 如果您的收入低于$30,000, 有一個攢養人, 您可以每月得到最多$115. 如果您有倆個以上攢養人, 收入低于$30,580, 您仍可以提前領取政府補助.

方法很簡單. 只有填寫W-5表, 回答四個問題, 把表交給雇主, 雇主就會把錢放在您的每次工資中給您.

愈知詳情, 可以打電話: (800) TAX-1040.



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