Free Services 免費服務机构

Immigrants came to a new country. Most of them are not aware of, or do not know, how to use the free services available for them. We will continuously provide the information about these free services, and hope the new immigrates can use them.

移民到一個新的國家,不知道有許多免費服務机构可以幫助他們. 以下是紐約一些免費服務机构. 希望移民多多使用.

Employment 就業 

dot-red.gif (973 bytes)Examinations and NYC Personnel Services 就業考試 . (212) 487-JOBS

dot-red.gif (973 bytes)NYC Library TRAIN Database, offering over 2,000 job training programs. 紐約圖書館就業訓練數据庫(212) 274-8445.

dot-red.gif (973 bytes)Help Writing Resumes - The Queens Public Library hosts job information and resume writing workshops. 皇后區公立圖書館舉辦就業和履歷講座. (718) 990-8643.

dot-red.gif (973 bytes)Fair wages - The NYS Labor Law requires workers be paid the "prevailing wages."  紐約州勞工法要求合法工資. (212) 669-4443.

dot-red.gif (973 bytes)The NYC Ethics Law for Workers 紐約勞工倫理法. (212)442-1400.

More Services


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