dot-greensqure.gif (96 bytes)Long Distance Call Cost Calculator (comparing rates among AT&T, MCI, Excel, Frontier, Qwest, Sprint, Matrix) phonecardonsale.gif (6646 bytes)500 mins US; 323 mins to China, 340 mins to Hongkong; No Connection Fee

dot-greensqure.gif (96 bytes)Find A Telephone Number in US      dot-greensqure.gif (96 bytes)Area Code or City Search in the US      dot-greensqure.gif (96 bytes)World Time & Area Codes

dot-greensqure.gif (96 bytes)Find A Telephone Number in China: Beijing (北京), Shanghai (上海), Guangzhou (廣州), Shenzhen (深圳), Tianjin (天津), Shenyang (沈陽),   Chendu (成都)Chongqin (重慶), Xi'an (西安)Xuzhou (徐州市), Nantong (南通), 等等   

dot-greensqure.gif (96 bytes)Find An Area Code in Any City and Any Country 

dot-greensqure.gif (96 bytes)Free Phone to Phone, PC to Phone and PC to PC

dot-greensqure.gif (96 bytes)How to Avoid Hangups with Prepaid Phone Cards


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