China's gross production grows 7.1% in 1999

China's economy has grown to be the seventh-largest in the world following those of the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain and Italy in size. (Xinhua)

China now produces the largest crops of grains, meat, cotton, peanuts, rape seed and fruits in the world, and the third-largest crops of tea, soybean and sugar cane. It is also the world's largest producer of steel, coal, cement, fertilizers and TV sets in the world, and the second-largest producer of electricity, cotton cloth and chemical fiber. Its outputs of sugar and crude oil rank fourth and fifth, respectively, in the world. Charts and Figures (Xinhua)

Telephone network has become the second- largest in the world. (Xinhua)

Foreign exchange reserves grew from 2.15 billion US dollars to 145 billion US dollars, the second- largest in the world. (Xinhua)

Comparation of Economic Growth Rate Between China and Major Countries and Regions

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