Five-Colored Chicken Shreds
Chinese Recipe

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dot-red.gif (973 bytes)Ingredients

2 chicken breast slivers 1 egg white
1 carrot 1 bowl dry cornstarch
1 green pepper some vinegar
1 dish water-soaked fungus 1 cup oil
1 dish bean sprouts some minced scallions and gingers
2 tbsp. salt some stock
some ground pepper

dot-red.gif (973 bytes)Cooking Methods

Cut chicken breast slivers into shreds. Mix them well with egg white, salt and cornstarch-water.

Wash carrot, green pepper and fungus separately and cut them into slices. Clean bean sprouts, nip their two ends and set them aside in a dish.

Blend stock and salt evenly in a small bowl.

Heat oil in a wok and put chicken mean shreds in when oil becomes war. Separate the shreds with chopsticks, add vegetables and stir-fry slipperly till cooked.

Heat remaining oil in the wok. Put in scallion and ginger shreds. Then pour the chicken shreds and juice into the wok, stir-fry quickly for a few seconds and sprinkle vinegar and serve.

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(Source: Chinese Home-Style Cooking by Li Yin)


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