Braised Chick with Chestnuts
Chinese Recipe

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dot-red.gif (973 bytes)Ingredients

1 chick some sugar
1 dish chestnuts 1 cup oil
1 cup stock 1 bowl cornstarch-water
2 tbsp soy sauce some scallions and gingers

dot-red.gif (973 bytes)Cooking Methods

Peel chestnuts and place them in a saucepanful of water. Bring to boil and set aside for use.

Chop chick into chunks and quick-boil in oil.

Stir-fry scallions and gingers till aromatic. Add stock and spices. Put in chick chunks and simmer over a low fire. Then add chestnuts and stew till done. Add constarch-water to thicken and cook to reduce the juice. Then sprinkle sesame oil and serve.

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(Source: Chinese Home-Style Cooking by Li Yin)


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