Boiled Beef
Chinese Recipe

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dot-red.gif (973 bytes)Ingredients

1 piece beef 2 tbsp salt
3 lettuce tips some ground pepper
1 babbage heart 3 tbsp soy sauce
some celery heart 1 bowl cornstarch-water
some green garlic some slice scallion, ginger and garlic
1 dish soy been paste 1 cup stock
10 dried chillis some oil
20 Chinese prickly ashes

dot-red.gif (973 bytes)Cooking Methods

Cut beef into thin slivers and put them in a bowl.

Clean green garlics and other vegetables and but them into sections or pieces.

Heat oil in wok. Put in dried chillis and Chinese prickly ashes. Deep-fry till brownish red and take them out.

Heat oil in the wok and drop soy bean paste, scallions, gingers and garlics and stir-fry till turning red. Add stock and stew for a while. Add green garlics and vegetables into the stock pot. Pour soy sauce, ground pepper and salt for seasoning,boil thoroughly, take them out and place them into a deep dish.

Pour beef slivers into the slightly boiling stock pot and break the slivers apart with chopsticks.When well cooked, immediately place them in the dish with vegetables and sprinkle ground pepper, Chinese prickly ash minces, sesame oil and serve.

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(Source: Chinese Home-style Cooking by Li Yin)


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