Common Knowledge of Chinese Culture

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Acupuncture is one of the nine branches of practice recognized in medical science among the Chinese and is of most ancient origin, having been in use from time immemorial. If we are to believe tradition, the Emperor Huang Di was the originator of it. In the sixth century B.C., Pien Ts'iao was skilled in its application; and there is extant to this day a work, written in the third or fourth century B.C., which treates of it. During the time of the Song dynasty, it may be said to have been reduced to a science; for one of two copper figures of the human body, made in 1027 A.D. by order of the then ruling Emperor, with markings to illustrate its principles, still exists. There are 367 of these markings, every square inch on the surface having its own name and being assigned some relationship, purely imaginary, with the internal parts. It is considered to be a universal panacea. It was carried over from China to Japan before the dawn of history.

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