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Test Your Cybersex Obsession

If one to three of these symptoms are found to be true, this may be an area of concern and should be openly discussed with a friend or family member. More than three positive answers would indicate a need to consider professional counseling.

1. Spending increasing amounts of online time focused on sexual or romantic intrigue or involvement.
2. Involvement in multiple romantic or sexual affairs in chat rooms, Internet or BBS. 3. Not considering online sexual or romantic "affairs" to be a possible violation of spousal/partnership commitments. 4. Failed attempts to cut back on frequency of online or Internet sexual and romantic involvement or interaction.
5. Online use interferes with work (tired or late due to previous nights use, online while at work etc.). 6. Online use interferes with primary relationships (e.g. minimizing or lying to partners about online activities, spending less time with family or partners). 7. Intense engagement in collecting Internet pornography.
8. Engaging in fantasy online acts or experiences which would be illegal if carried out (e.g. rape, child molestation).
9. Decreased social or family interactive time due to online fantasy involvement's 10. Being secretive or lying about amount of time spent online or type of sexual/romantic fantasy activities carried out online.
11. Engaging with sexual or romantic partners met online, while also involved in marital or other primary relationship.
12. Increasing complaints and concern from family or friends about the amount of time spent online.
13. Frequently becoming angry or extremely irritable when asked to give up online involvement to engage with partners, family or friends.
14. Primary focus of sexual or romantic life becomes increasingly related to computer activity (including pornographic CD ROM use). ONLINE HELPING HANDS:
Source: the Sexual Recovery Institute


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